School Donations


The Board of Trustees chose to accept the offer from the Ministry of Education of a new donation scheme in 2021. The Board considered this best served our whānau and our school, relieving any financial pressure whānau may have previously felt by donation invoices issued by the school. The scheme provides our school with an annual $150 payment per student, in return for the school not invoicing whānau for school donations, or to contribute to trips forming part of the curriculum. 

The Board of Trustees will continue to monitor the expenditure that the school is required to cover from the payment to help in our decision as to whether to opt in in future years.

What this means

 We will not be asking whānau for donations nor will we be sending out the donation invoices.  We will also not be asking whānau for contributions to day trips that form part of our school’s curriculum, for example, the cost of transport to the Auckland Museum. Further information about what field trips are covered under the government scheme can be found on the Ministry’s website here.

Should any whānau wish to make a donation, this can be made directly to our school bank account:

Newton Central School Board of Trustees
Account Number: 12 -3012 -0751358 -00 

Any school donations will continue to be tax deductible and we will issue receipts for any donations received. If you wish to make a donation and receive a receipt, please complete the reference fields when making your payment:

Particulars: (who the payment is from): Your Name: First Name Initial and Full Surname

Code: Child/children’s Name: First Name Initial/(s) and Full Surname. 

(If more than 1 child after the Surname add x2 x3 x4)

Reference: Donation

Please note that without this information provided, the school cannot issue a receipt for you to claim a tax rebate.