School Donations

The Board of Newton Central School (NCS) is responsible for setting the school donations for each year. The Board wishes every parent and caregiver to understand what the money from the annual donation enables the school to do for all pupils.

The Board of Trustees has set the school donation for 2019 at $300 per child. In setting this amount, the Board of Trustees has reviewed our school donation in comparison with neighbouring schools and our current needs. 

School donations can be payable as follows:

Payment StructureDonation LevelPayment Method
Full payment for year$300Full payment – by cash/cheque/eftpos at the school office, Internet banking
Or 4 Term payments$75 each termTerm payment – by cash/cheque/eftpos at the school office, Internet banking (we will send you a reminder)
Or 10 monthly payments$30 each monthMonthly payments – by automatic payment


Payment can be made directly to our school bank account:
Newton Central School Board of Trustees
Account Number: 12 -3012 -0751358 -00

It is critical that you complete the reference fields when making your payment:
Particulars: (who the payment is from): Your Name: First Name Initial and Full Surname
Code: (who you are paying for): Child/children’s Name: First Name Initial/(s) and Full Surname.
(If more than 1 child after the Surname add x2 x3 x4)
Reference: (what the payment is for): Donations

I have more than one child attending Newton, what should my donation be?

If you have multiple children at NCS then we would greatly appreciate you giving as much of this donation as you can.  However, we understand that the full amount per child may not be achievable.

Are school donations compulsory?

No, donations are a voluntary contribution to your child’s education and it isn’t compulsory to pay any or all of it.

If you do not wish to make a contribution in 2019, we would appreciate you letting us know to help with our budgeting and to ensure we do not send you any further reminders this year. Please contact Elizabeth McKendrey, our finance officer to inform the school of your intentions.

Does government funding cover our operational costs?

The government funding covers a minimum level of staff and other operations for all schools in New Zealand. However, at Newton we strive to provide additional benefits for our children, families/whanau and community – your donations help us to achieve this. For example, we try hard to keep class sizes manageable by using funds from school donations to subsidise our staffing allocation and to provide kaiawhina (Teacher Assistants) in classes with either large class numbers, or a high percentage of students with additional learning and behaviour needs.

How does Newton cover the additional operational costs?

NCS uses the payment of family/caregiver donations to fund the difference between the amount that we receive from the Ministry of Education (MoE) and our operation expenses. This includes funding for:

  • teacher aide support
  • small student class sizes
  • use and maintenance of our on-site swimming pool
  • providing for additional resources e.g. sun shades, playgrounds and sports equipment

Why are we asked to fundraise, and provide a donation?

While our teachers and families/caregivers also work very hard to organise fundraising events for our school throughout the year, to maintain the things that we value at NCS, it still takes more than these greatly appreciated funds. More information about fundraising can be found here.

School Donations are tax deductable

Please remember that school donations are tax deductible and we issue receipts for all donations received.