Te Uru Karaka o Te Aka Pūkāea

Level 1 Māori-Medium

All students who live within the home zone and who meet the criteria for entry into the special programme will be enrolled ahead of out of zone students.

Te Uru Karaka o Te Aka Pūkāea (Māori-Medium Level 1) is based on kaupapa Māori principles, practices and pedagogy and operates a Level 1 Maori medium programme, which means 81 – 100% of the curriculum is taught in te reo Māori.

Each year level has an unique name pertaining to significant landmarks and tūpuna around the area:

Year 0 – Te Uru Karaka

Year 1 – Karangahape

Year 2 – Te Iringa o Rāuru

Year 3 – Rimutahi

Year 4 – Te Rae o Kāwharu

Year 5 – Te Puna Rere a Maru

Year 6 – Maungawhau

Special Programme Enrolment Entry Criteria

Entry criteria is determined by a process we call tono, in which an interview takes place between the applicant whānau, the staff and current whānau representatives. Decision on entry will be based on:

A medium to high level of fluency in te reo Māori of the tamaiti, as assessed by kaiako through oral interaction

A commitment from the applicant whānau to use te reo in the family home, with at least one member of the whānau, living with the child, having some fluency in reo and a commitment to grow and develop their reo Māori, alongside their tamaiti

Entrants are expected to have graduated from (attended for at least two years) a Kōhanga Reo or Puna Reo or have been brought up in a reo Māori rich home environment and are able to engage in everyday conversation through the medium of te reo Māori

A commitment from parents to take an active role in their child’s education throughout their child’s attendance at school by contributing to the unique nature of the special programme. This will involve regular attendance at hui whānau and whānau initiated activities.


If there are more applicants than there are places available, selection within the priority group must be by a ballot conducted in accordance with instructions issued by the Secretary under section 11G (1) of the Education Act 1989.

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