Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) Blanket Consent Form

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Parent Consent Form (Enrolment)

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) is the name given to all events and activities that occur outside the classroom, both on school grounds, and off-site.

Our students participate in a wide range of learning opportunities within and outside the school grounds. Senior students participate in a wide range of sporting events outside the school throughout the year. All class teachers are encouraged to provide extension and enrichment opportunities for their students. These learning opportunities sometimes require travel outside the school.

The school uses a process to identify and manage risks at every level of activity and this process is monitored by the board and the principal. We recognise four levels of activities, each with specific requirements regarding parental/caregiver consent.




At school, or within the immediate local environs, for example, sports events, fun days, nature studies.

Consent required: Blanket permission provided on enrolment.


Off-site events occurring entirely in school time and finishing no later than 4 pm, for example, zone sports, team sport events, class trips to the museum.

Parents are advised of the finishing time if it is later than 3:15 pm.

Consent required: Blanket permission provided on enrolment, but parents are informed that the event is to occur.


Off-site or on-site events occurring in one day involving risk assessed to be greater than that associated with the average family activity, for example, water activities (apart from swimming sports), rock climbing.

Consent required: Parent/caregiver informed consent is required for each specific event.


Events occurring overnight, for example, school camp.

Consent required: Parent/caregiver informed consent is required for each specific event.

By signing this form, you consent to your child participating in level 1 and 2 activities. For any level 3 or 4 activity, you will always be provided with a specific consent form.

I/we give permission for our child, to participate in level 1 and 2 Education Outside the Classroom activities.

I/we have provided the school with up-to-date medical and other information on the school enrolment form and will notify the school of any changes to that information.
Parent / Caregiver Name*
Parent / Caregiver Name

Ākonga Student Information

Ākonga Name*

Medical and Support Consent

In an emergency the school may act on my behalf*
Should my child require pain management the school may administer pain relief, as indicated on their enrolment form.*
If my child has extra support needs, I have informed the school and have been involved in the individual support planning for this activity to be successful for my child.*
I will inform the school as soon as possible of any changes in the medical or other circumstances.*
I agree to my child receiving any emergency medical, dental, or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered by the medical authorities present.*
Any medical costs not covered by ACC or a community service card will be paid by me*

Parent Caregiver Consent

I agree to my child taking part in EOTC events. I acknowledge the need for them to behave responsibly.*
I have read the EOTC activities information covered by the blanket consent, and I understand the specific risks associated with involvement in these.*
I understand that these risks cannot be completely eliminated.*
I understand the school will identify any foreseeable risks or hazards and implement effective management procedures to eliminate or minimise those risks.*
I know that I am able to ask any questions of the school about the activities my child will be involved in, to gain a better understanding of the risks involved. I recognise that participation in such activities is voluntary and not mandatory. My child and I both understand that they may withdraw from the activity if they feel at risk. This must be done in consultation with the person in charge.*
I understand that the school will encourage all ākonga to participate to their full potential, and for some ākonga a support plan will be implemented following discussion with whānau to achieve this.*
I understand that behaviour will be monitored and supports put in place to promote the full participation of all ākonga.*
I understand that my child will be involved in the development of safety procedures. I will do my best to ensure that my child follows these procedures.*
If my child is involved in a serious disciplinary problem, including the use of illegal substances and/or alcohol, or actions that threaten the safety of others, they will be sent home at my expense.*
I understand that the school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property (either my child’s property or damage to other’s property caused by my child) and that it is my responsibility to check my own insurance policy.*

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