NCS ICT User Agreement and Policy

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  • Newton Central School Online Safety Policy


    Newton Central School is committed to creating a safe online learning environment, and to the development of our students into capable digital citizens. The Board recognizes that its obligations under the National Administration Guidelines (NAG 5) extend to use of the internet and related technologies.

    Technology provides significant benefits to learning and school operations. The Board considers the benefits and risks associated with technology use when making any decisions related to the purchase or use of technology.

    Newton Central School seeks to foster a culture of successful digital citizenship in our students, staff and our wider community. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for themselves and others in their use of digital technology and online environments.

    The Board is aware that preparing and supporting our students to use digital technology and online environments effectively and safely is an important part of their preparation for participating and contributing in our digital society.

    In preparing our students to actively participate in the world in which they live, it is clear that their ability to participate as confident and competent digital citizens is a key skill. An important part of learning the skills, knowledge, and values that are needed, is being given the chance to experience both the opportunities and the challenges presented by technology. Importantly, to do so in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where clear, effective guidance can be sought.


    Newton Central School will develop and maintain procedures around the safe and responsible use of the digital technologies, school's network and systems, and the internet. These online safety procedures will recognise the value of the technology and encourage its use in teaching and learning contexts whilst minimising and managing the challenges that may be experienced by students, teachers and the wider school community.

    The school will consult with parents and the wider school community, as to how it intends to use digital technologies and online environments, and where possible explain how it benefits the teaching and learning process.

    These procedures will aim to not only maintain a safer school environment, but also aim to address the need of students and other members of the school community for opportunities to receive and participate in education and support around the safe and responsible use of digital technologies and online environments.


    This document covers the schools retention and management of students’ digital content stored within O365 & GAFE for students who leave Newton Central School.

    • To use computer-based technology as a tool for actively involving and empowering learners of all ages and abilities.
    • To support children in their journey to become independent learners.
    • To provide internet access so all staff and children can: - become effective and safe users of the internet
      - extend awareness and knowledge of the internet
      - become motivated, responsible, independent users of the internet
  • Newton Central School Student User Agreement Years 4 - 6


    Digital technologies and devices like Chromebooks, iPads and computers are tools that can help us learn at school in all sorts of ways. We can look at interesting things online, talk to people, learn about, create, and share just about anything including how to do things on apps and websites.

    When we use digital technologies, we need to learn how to keep ourselves safe and make good choices in ways we behave when we are online. At Newton Central School, we call this being a ‘digital citizen’ and good digital citizens help to make our school a safe and positive place for everyone.

    This agreement shares what Newton Central School does to help make learning online safe, and what we need to do. It is not always easy to understand everything about online spaces because there are so many things to use and explore. It is important that we all try to make it as safe as possible.


    This section outlines the school’s approach to digital technology and online safety.

    Newton Central School supports you by helping you learn in the best ways we can, and keeping you safe at school whether you are online or offline.

    We will do this by:
    • showing you what you need to do to keep safe online
    • showing you what to do if you become worried or upset by anything or anyone online
    • providing learning times at school about keeping safe online and safe ways to use your device or computers

    This section outlines the rules for using digital technology in school and as a member of the school community

    School needs to be a place that is safe and friendly, where we can learn, play and explore. We need everyone to choose safe, careful, and fair ways of using devices and online spaces. As a digital citizen, we need you to:

    • Keep it kind. Think about others online and talk or share in respectful ways.
    • Keep it to yourself. Keep passwords and information about yourself and other people safe and private.
    • Keep it careful. Think carefully about what you share. Something you are proud of and would share with someone else face to face.
    • Keep it real. Not everything you see online is real. Some things are made up or fake, check with your teacher if you’re unsure.
    • Keep it honest. When we copy or use words, pictures and ideas from the internet, we need to make sure we share these things in the right way and following the rules for things that belong to others.
    • Keep it fair. Always check with others before recording videos or taking photos with them in before posting online.
    • Keep it responsible. If you bring your own device to school, check with your teacher to see if it is okay to use.
    • Seek help. Sometimes you or someone you know will feel unsafe or come across bad or hurtful content online. If this happens talk to a trusted adult about what can be done.

    This section outlines how students seek support and assistance if they encounter any online concerns

    Despite the good things technology offers and people’s best wishes toward others, sometimes things will go wrong. Sometimes these things are on purpose, and sometimes they are accidents. Newton Central School will support you if something goes wrong online by accident.

    Online bullying. Online bullying is not accepted at our school. If you or somebody else is being bullied or criticised online, report it by telling a teacher so it can be investigated. Stop any further contact with the person who is bullying. Report what is happening to your class teacher. They will contact the school IT person for help if needed. Remember it is okay to talk with a trusted adult like a parent, a member of your whānau, or someone else who looks after you.

    Online safety support. Netsafe is our New Zealand online safety organisation that is able to help when things go wrong online, when we have problems with topics or negative things that others are doing online. They provide free, private advice for you and your family seven days a week for all online safety challenges. They can be contacted on 0508 638723 or online at

    Student Statement

    I know about the ways I should use digital devices and online spaces at school for learning. I know that I should be kind, careful and responsible when I use devices, and when I go online, and this is the same for the devices that school owns, or if it is my own device that I bring to school.

    I know that if I behave in ways that are not safe online, or kind or responsible, that this is not okay at Newton Central School. There may be some actions that my school might have to take, such as not being able to use the school device or a device I have brought from home.

    I understand and agree to use digital technology and the internet at school safely and for learning, whether it is on a school device or one I have brought from home.
  • Parent / Whānau / Guardian Declaration

  • I know that if my child makes choices or behaves in ways that do not align with this Student User Agreement there may be consequences or outcomes that the school will talk about with me.