Mission and Vision Statements, Policy

Newton Central School

Mission Statement

“We grow our tamariki to become critical and creative lifelong learners and positive participants in their communities.”

Vision Statement

“Aroha mai. Aroha atu.  Mana mai. Mana atu.”

Constitution and Special Character 2020

Special Character Questions & Answers

P.T.A and Board Representatives Presentation

Strategic Overview 2023

Annual Plan 2023


Annual Report 2021

Policies Menu

NAG 1 Curriculum Policy (Review Pending 2019)

NAG 2 Self Review Policy (Approved Oct 2018 Review 2021)

NAG 3 Personnel and Employment Policy (Approved 2015)

NAG 4 Financial and Asset Management Policies (Approved 2014 Review 2019)

NAG 5 Safety Policy (Approved March 2018 Review 2020)

NAG 6 Compliance Policy (Approved 2015)