Health and Safety


To do everything possible to ensure the health and safety of all our community members.

Civil Defence Emergency Procedures Handbook 2021


Policy Statement

The aim of this policy is to facilitate the administration of prescribed medicines to ensure that a child’s health is not placed in jeopardy by school attendance.

For any staff member to administer any prescribed medication, the school requires parental permission detailing information on dosage – volume and frequency. 

Medicine must be kept in the office for safety and security, this includes asthma inhalers.

All prescribed medication is administered in the Sick Bay.

Healthy Food Guidelines

Healthy Food Snacks

A healthy packed snack to be consumed during our two break-times needs to be provided every day from home for every child attending school. Parents are asked not to provide sweets or lollies as part of their packed food, in accordance with our  Safety Policy (link below)

NAG 5 -Safety Policy – Approved March 2018 Review 2020


Sugary drinks, especially ‘fizzy’ drinks with high sugar levels are not welcome at school.Providing your child with their own drink bottle filled with water is our preference. We also have water fountains outside the classrooms.  Students are welcome to refill their bottles when necessary.


Dental Care

Newton has no onsite dental clinic, our closet DHB dental care contact details are below.

Hours: 0815 – 1600

Phone: 09 376-6327

Physical Address: 33 Sheehan St, Ponsonby Auckland 1011

Ponsonby Intermediate Community School Dental Clinic

Heathy Food Promotion

Yummy Apple Stickers and Labels

Newton Central School is participating in the ‘Healthy Living, Healthy Eating’ campaign inspired by the Yummy Fruit Company. Shop at your local New World, Pak’n Save and participating Four Square stores. Purchase Yummy apples, either bags with cut-out labels or individual apples with Yummy stickers. One cut-out label is worth 10 apple stickers. Place the Yummy stickers on Sticker sheet, Bonus Sticker sheet and the cut-out labels on Cut-Out Label sheet.

It relies on the support of parents and friends to get behind the children and eat ‘YUMMY’ apples. Getting free sports gear in return is an awesome way for our school to boost our sports resources.

Buy apples with the ‘YUMMY’ stickers only and stick them on the sheets. It is as simple as it sounds! Parents, grandparents, friends and children collect the Yummy cut out labels and/or stickers and we send them into the Yummy Fruit Company, swapping them for Rebel Sports Equipment. Children do not have to physically sell anything but simply eat healthy apples and have fun collecting stickers.