Newton Central School Zone

The parents of any child wishing to attend Newton Central School who reside outside of our zone must complete an application form.  For those wishing to attend in 2022, completed applications must be received by 22nd September 2021.  This includes siblings of students already attending the school. No student who lives outside the zone has automatic right of entry. More information can be found here. 

Families interested in our Māori Medium special programmes must also submit an expression of interest by 22nd September to be eligible to apply for a position for your child.   

More information about our bi-lingual (Te Whānau Awahou o Te Uru Karaka) programme can be found here 

More information about our total-immersion (Te Whānau Rumaki O Te Uru Karaka) programme can be found here 

Expressions of interest (must be completed by 22nd September) can be accessed here 

For more information on our School Zone you will found here.

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