width=Newton Central School is participating in the ‘Healthy Living, Healthy Eating’ campaign inspired by the Yummy Fruit Company. Shop at your local New World, Pak’n Save and participating Four Square stores.

Purchase Yummy apples, either bags with cut-out labels or individual apples with Yummy stickers. One cut-out label is worth 10 apple stickers. Place the Yummy stickers on Yummy Sticker Collection SheetBonus Variety Sticker Collection Sheet and the cut-out labels on Cut Out Label Collection Sheet.

It relies on the support of parents and friends to get behind the children and eat ‘YUMMY’ apples. Getting free sports gear in return is an awesome way for our school to boost our sports resources.

Buy apples with the ‘YUMMY’ stickers only and stick them on the sheets. It is as simple as it sounds! Parents, grandparents, friends and children collect the Yummy cut out labels and/or stickers and we send them into the Yummy Fruit Company, swapping them for Rebel Sports Equipment. Children do not have to physically sell anything but simply eat healthy apples and have fun collecting stickers.

Any questions please get in touch:

help@yummyfruit.co.nz or 0800 2 YUMMY.

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