TravelWise (TW) – Getting To and From School


Our aim is to reduce congestion outside the school gates, getting our students and parent community healthy and active by walking, riding a bike, skateboarding or scootering to school.

10 great reasons to walk to school with your children! 

Walking to school is an excellent way to include daily physical activity into your child’s life. And if you walk with them, it’s an excellent way to get some physical activity for yourself too.  

Here are 10 great reasons to walk to school together:

  1. It’s fun 
  2. It’s healthy 
  3. It’s non-polluting 
  4. It’s friendly
  5. It reduces stress
  6. It’s a chance to teach and learn road safety skills
  7. It’s considerate
  8. It’s educational
  9. It’s free – no petrol money 
  10. It makes the street outside the school safer


Our unique Kea Crossing is active twice daily on Monmouth Street during the times 0830 – 0855 and 1445 – 1510. Year 5 and 6 students patrol the crossing with volunteer parents and/or teachers. Twice yearly, patrollers and new recruits are given training by Constable Rob Kennerley.


We are fortunate to have a supportive neighbour in Sunway Rentals who operate the businesses adjacent to the school crossing – Whitespace, Cake and Etch Studio.

They kindly allow us to drive through their premises to pick up and drop off our children before and after school. Their car parking spaces are reserved for their customers only. Under no circumstances are parents allowed to park in their carpark spaces. Non-customers will be clampled or towed away.

Please use the drop off/pick up zone following these expectations:

DROP OFF TIMES, all users must stay in their car and have their children ready to alight quickly.  Remain in your car at all times.

PICK UP TIMES, all drivers must stay in their car to ensure steady flow. If you are at the front of the queue and your child is not there, you will need to go around the block, or find an alternative car park. Do not use business carparks or you will be towed away. 

To ensure a smooth pickup, either arrange for your child to wait for you at the pick-up/drop-off area (for children in years 2 & above) or contact Julie at the school office and we will arrange for Senior Students to pick up your children from class and have them ready at the school crossing for quick collection.  Respecting other parents behind you, remain in your car at all times.

If you need to drop or pick up your child at the class, there are very limited options for car parking.  We encourage families to either walk or cycle to school, or arrive 20 minutes before school starts, or 10 minutes after school finishes to find a suitable car park.

Parking in driveways or on broken yellow lines is illegal and parking wardens regularly patrol the area. Please respect our neighbours, by ensuring they have clear access to their driveways.


The School’s Monmouth Street Carpark is for staff and drop off for disabled people only. Do not use it as a drop off site as you put pedestrians at risk when you reverse out of the area.

Waima Street Carpark (bottom of Waima St)

There are limited carparks for parents. Please do not double park, or impede any other vehicle from being able to exit. Space is delegated for vehicles to turn inside the carpark to allow you to exit the carpark safely. Please keep this space free. Reversing out of this carpark puts our children at risk.

Nixon Street Carpark

This carpark is assigned to school staff and local businesses only.
There are, from time to time, limited spaces available for parents to briefly drop off or pick up children. Please respect our staff and local businesses by not blocking their access in and out, and do not park in business allocated carparks. As this car park is our designated emergency vehicle route, cars cannot impede access to the school field.
Parent access to the Nixon St carpark is provided as a goodwill gesture to our community. To avoid restricting such access, please respect our requests.


Once a year, students who ride their bike, skateboard or scooter are invited to an onsite helmet check facilitated by our TW (TravelWise) team and our Auckland Transport coordinator.


At all times, follow the road rules and park in the appropriate allocated parking space. Parking rules help protect our children and keep them safe. Drivers who park illegally put our kids at risk.


On Fridays every even week and Wednesdays every odd week, our TravelWise ambassadors record what sustainable mode (bike, carpool, scooter, skateboard, train, walk, park and wark) our students used to get to school. Our students then go in the draw to win a prize. The break time on Fridays is the only time, during the school day when students may ride their scooter, skateboard or bike on-site on the bottom court. Other times and days to protect the safety of others, students on wheels are to get off these upon entry to the school grounds and in school hours.   Once entering into the school grounds, ensure your child/children use the footpath in an orderly manner. 


Our aim is to reduce congestion outside the school gates.  One way you can do this is by parking in alternative locations using the Time Zone Map that outlines three sections in 5, 10 and 15 minute drop off points for students to be independent and walk to school.


It is importance that all children who are less than 148cm tall use a booster seat. Please read this pamphlet and make booster seats the norm at Newton Central.

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