TravelWise Challenges – Goose Chase App

Auckland Transport have been working on a range of Travelwise and Walking School Bus Challenges that can done during lockdown by students. These challenges can be done via the GooseChase App. . Note: the code shown in the instruction document is not the code for Newton Central. GooseChase App Instructions

The GooseChase App allows students to complete missions. AT will keep uploading family-friendly virtual missions to complete, guaranteed to keep children (young and old) active and occupied while at home. 3 to 5 new missions will be uploaded by 8am each day. The missions include things such as scavenger hunts while out walking, uploading photos on a certain theme, uploading your drawings of the coolest bike or helmet.

It’s easy as to get started: 

  1. Search for and download the free GooseChase app in the app store (Android and iOS).
  2. Open the app and either play as a guest or sign up for a new account.
  3. Join the game by searching for ‘Travelwise Challenge’. Either go to school team or join as a family team (must play with your same household/bubble). Our school team is called Newton Central. Our sign-in code has been published HERO Community Notices. 
  4. After joining, you will be taken straight to the mission list, so get playing!

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