Te Whānau Awahou o Te Aka Pūkāea (Level 2 Māori-Medium)

Newton Central School

Te Whānau Awahou o Te Aka Pūkāea (Level 2 Maōri-Medium) is also based on kaupapa Māori principles, practices and pedagogy and operates a Level 2 Maori medium programme, which means 51 – 80% of the curriculum is taught in te reo Māori in Years 1 – 2, and a Level 1 Maori medium programme, which means 81 – 100% is taught in te reo Māori in Years 3 – 6.

Each year level has an unique name pertaining to surrounding waterways:

Year 0 – Te Wai a Te Ao

Year 1 – Te Wai ōrea

Year 2 – Waikuta

Year 3 – Waihorotiu

Year 4 – Waipāruru

Year 5 – Waikōhanga

Year 6 – Te Wai Inuroa a Raka

Whānau Awahou Flyer

Whānau Awahou o Te Uru Karaka Graduate Profile

Special Programme Enrolment Entry Criteria

Entry criteria is determined by a tono process, in which an interview takes place between the parents, staff and whānau representatives. Decision on entry will be based on:

  • Whilst the level of reo your child currently has will not determine entry into the programme for younger children, there must be acceptance that Awahou is a Māori medium pathway.
  • Acceptance that acquisition of reo Māori is a priority and there must be a commitment from the applicant’s whānau to use te reo at home.
  • At least one member of the whānau living with the child learning reo Māori or have some fluency in reo.
  • A commitment from parents to take an active role in their child’s education throughout their child’s attendance at school by contributing to the unique nature of the special programme. This will involve regular attendance at whānau hui and community initiated activities.