Students with Learning Support Needs

Our School’s Vision and Mission Statement 

At Newton we believe that every child has the potential to learn and succeed.  Each child is unique and the adults around them must work together (parents/teachers/support staff) to tailor an individualised programme that builds on their language, background, culture, strengths and interests – ultimately identifying and removing any barriers to achievement. This partnership is critical in allowing us to provide an inclusive learning environment for your child.   

Does my child have additional learning needs? 

Early identification and intervention are critical features for supporting every student in reaching their potential.  

Parent-Teacher conferences are the best time to discuss the question of whether your child needs additional support.  If you are concerned about your child’s social, emotional or academic progress please discuss it with your child’s classroom teacher by either using the time available during a conference or arranging a separate meeting with your child’s teacher through the school office.   

If your child’s teacher is concerned with your child’s progress, they will share this information with you during a conference and/or you may notice in our online reports (linc-ed attach link) that your child is not meeting the learning progressions expected of them.    

The first point of contact is always your child’s classroom teacher.  If both parties agree that there are some additional learning needs, the classroom teacher will elevate those concerns to the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator, Josephine McKendrey (our Deputy Principal).  Josephine will review your child’s data through Linc-ed, conduct additional assessments independently and alongside the classroom teacher and then arrange a time to meet with you and the classroom teacher to discuss her findings.  At that meeting, a plan will be made on what additional support could be provided and how that support could be accessed.  Working in partnership with parents is critical in achieving a constructive and positive outcome for your child’s learning needs.    

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Types of Additional Support Available at Newton Central School: 

Student Advocate:  This role is funded by the school and not by the Ministry of Education.  Your school donations allow these roles to exist and enable us to provide personalised support for those students with unique behavioural or learning needs.

Reading Recovery:  This role is jointly funded by the school and the Ministry of Education. Reading Recovery is delivered as a one-to-one intervention for learners who have the lowest literacy achievement levels for their cohort on their sixth birthday (Year 2).  Students receive daily, individual instruction of 30 minutes from a trained Reading Recovery teacher for 10 to 20 weeks. 

Resource Teachers of Learning Behaviour (RTLB)  This role is supported and funded by the Ministry of Education.  

Assistive Technology:  By working alongside RTLB, we may be able to recommend to the Ministry of Education to provide additional technological resources for your child – funded by the Ministry of Education. 

Students Identified with High Health Needs (SHHNF):  This process is for those with significant high health needs.  This is partly funded by the Ministry of Education, but it is very difficult to receive this type of funding.  Please click on the link to find more information.

In-Class Support (ICS): This option is partly funded by the Ministry of Education, but it is very difficult to receive.  The fund provides a contribution towards teacher aide support to students  (Years 1 – 13) with continuing high learning needs, who are not funded through the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme. Many of these students are achieving within Level 1 of the curriculum for an extended period of time and may be 3 – 4 years below their expected curriculum level.

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