REPAIR CAFÉ – Sunday 11 April 2021

 width=Bring your damaged and broken things along to our Repair Café!

As part of the Sustainability HUB during Fia Fia we are launching our first Repair Café which encourages us to repair and recycle things rather than throw things away. So bring your damaged and broken things along on 11th April between 11am and 3pm and our local experts will do their best to repair them for free.

Get that old bike out of your garage and get it serviced!

What about that lamp that doesn’t go on?

Those pants you wish you could get taken up?

That toy that needs stitching or gluing?

The laptop that you wish someone would take a look at?

The chair with a wobbly leg?

There will be electricians, sewing whizzes, bike repairers, jewellery repairers and general DIY fixers. 

Repair Cafés are a neighbourhood initiative that promote repair as an alternative to tossing things out. The idea is to save items from going to landfill and keep much-loved possessions lasting much longer.

Here is your opportunity. It’s all part of a making a circular economy.  And besides that it’s all good fun!

Look out for our Repair Café signs. See you there!

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