As outlined to parents at the recent Potluck Evening, the Ministry of Education does not fund playgrounds, swimming pools and shade areas.  We need to fund these activities through fundraising and Parent Donations.  Requests for parent donations and the suggested level of donations will be published in Week 3. 

In the meantime, we simply cannot wait for fundraising for the replacement of Shaded areas that were destroyed in last year’s tropical storm  I have approved the funding for shading outside Room 7 & 8 to be erected in the next 2 weeks, in anticipation that the community will support the funding of this in the coming months.  Additional options for shaded areas will be determined by what we can raise as a community.


We are delighted to have the full use of the swimming pool this term.  It is being well used by our students both during class and snack times.  We are aware that the wider community would also like access to the pool and this will be an agenda item at the upcoming BOT hui on 26th February 2019.


Due to the serious lack of rain over the last weeks, the re-sowing of the grass on the school field has been delayed until March.  Once it is re-sowed, it will take 6 – 8 weeks to grow.  We hope students can regain access in Term 2.

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