Physical Distancing procedures at Newton Central School


To continue to mitigate the risk of COVID19 spreading, we ask that all parents follow the guidelines below:

  1. If at all possible, drop your child off either at the gate or before you get to the classroom,

  2. Refrain from congregating at school or outside classrooms.

  3. Keep a safe physical distance from other parents and staff members.

  4. To protect our frontline office staff, there will be a 1.5meter line marking the distance from the reception counter.  Please ensure you abide by that line.

  5. Arrange a pick up point for your child after school.

  6. Please ensure children are picked up promptly after school.

Before and Afterschool Care continues to remain open and steps will be taken to maintain physical distancing practices in those environments.

Remember our Newton Community Aroha Distribution Center opens this morning, which you can access through the outside door entrance to the staffroom.

If your child is absent, please do not contact me personally.  Please either email or ring the school office: 09 – 378 6883 or email 

Together, we can do everything possible to minimise the risk of spreading COVID19 to our vulnerable communities.

Ngā mihi

Riki Teteina

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