Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Riki Teteina

Position: Principal
Email: rikiT@newton.school.nz

Kia ora,

After 20 years working and leading in International Schools throughout the world, it is a pleasure to return to NZ alongside my family.  I feel privileged to be leading a school whose philosophy is close to my own, in which we grow our tamariki to become critical and creative lifelong learners and positive participants in their communities.

It is my responsibility to ensure every student under my care feels safe, supported and making excellent progress in their learning.  I maximise every resource possible to achieve that goal. I look forward to getting to know you and your children while assisting you all in being active members of our community.

In my spare time, I like to get close to nature by either surfing or snowboarding and spending time with my family.

Josephine McKendrey

Position: Deputy Principal (DP), Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
Email: josephine.mckendrey@newton.school.nz

‘Kia ora. I feel extremely fortunate to be working at Newton Central School alongside an incredibly diverse and dedicated team in a vibrant natural oasis amidst Auckland’s CBD.  I enjoy what the city has to offer from island getaways, beaches, parks and entertainment.’

Sheila Buchanan

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 0 - 1 Auraki, Assistant Principal (AP), Team Leader Whānau Nohinohi, Auraki Literacy Team Leader
Email: sheila.buchanan@newton.school.nz

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus good character  – that is the goal of true education.”

Matrin Luther King Jnr

Kim Hankins

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 4 - 5 Auraki, Team Leader Whānau Marama, Auraki Curriculum Team Leader
Email: kim.hankins@newton.school.nz

At school, I work hard to engage children with the world around them, to get them thinking, questioning and reflecting. Outside of school, travel is what I most love to do.

Ruia Aperehama

Position: Te Whānau o Te Uru Karaka Strategic Development, Te Whānau o Te Uru Karaka Community Liaison
Email: ruia.aperahama@newton.school.nz

Cass Johnson

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 2 - 3 Auraki, Maths Curriculum Leader, Reading Recovery Teacher, Organisational Administration
Email: cass.johnson@newton.school.nz

“Poipoia te kākano, kia puāwai. Nurture the seed and it will blossom.”

Additional Unit Holders

Justin Barlow

Position: Classroom Teacher Year 6 Auraki, P.E Leader, Years 5-6 Inner-City Sports Coordinator
Email: justin.barlow@newton.school.nz

“When we build, let us think that we build forever.”

Nikos Sigalas

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 4 - 5 Auraki, Digital Technology Leader
Email: nikos.sigalas@newton.school.nz

“Be alert, question and find out, so that your own initiative may be awakened.”

Auraki / Mainstream Kaiako / Teachers

Carron Ye

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 4 – 5 Auraki, Te Whānau Marama o Te Uru Karaka o Newton Central, TravelWise Leader
Email: carron.ye@newton.school.nz

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” (Mark Van Doren)  With my love for art, sports, gardening and mathematics, it gives me great joy as a teacher to be able to assist my students in discovering their own passion or talents.

Lisa Sundgren

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 0 - 1 Auraki
Email: lisa.sundgren@newton.school.nz

‘What a privilege it is to be working here at Newton Central School after 20 years of working in both Asia and the UK. With well over 20 years teaching experience, my passion has steered towards working with our younger members of the school, supporting both students and parents with school transition and building skills needed in developing the ‘whole’ child during their foundation years in school.  What a wonderful opportunity it is to be part of such a diverse and welcoming school community!’

Nicola Blight

Position: Classroom Teacher Year 1 Auraki
Email: nicola.blight@newton.school.nz

‘I empower tamariki to play, work, learn and grow together.’

Lata Laing

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 1 - 2 Auraki, Te Whānau Nohinohi o Te Uru Karaka o Newton Central, NZEI Site Representative
Email: lata.laing@newton.school.nz

“I always value that our parents and families are a child’s first teachers. By the time they come to school, I love it when we see a child continue to grow in confidence as they learn to read, write, do maths and make friendships and develop in other areas.”

Siale Sipley

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 2 - 3 Auraki, Te Whānau Nohinohi o Te Uru Karaka o Newton Central, Maths Support Teacher
Email: siale.sipley@newton.school.nz

‘Fakaalofa lahi atu and Talofa Lava.  Proud to have been born, bred and raised in Grey Lynn.  I started primer one here in 1974 and finished standard four in 1980.  My own three children were students here from 1996 – 2006.  I began teaching here in 2009 and have been here since.  I love my job some days, but I REALLY love my job most days.  Monu, Monu, Monu Tagaloa.

Marie Gallichan

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 2 - 3 Auraki, Te Whānau Nohinohi o Te Uru Karaka o Newton Central
Email: marie.gallichan@newton.school.nz

Marie has an interest in film, music, the arts and increasing her knowledge of tikanga and te reo Māori. She welcomes diversity in the classroom and enjoys establishing positive, productive relationships with tamariki and their whānau. 

Te Awahou Kaiako

Kataraina Bruce

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 0 - 1 Awahou

Rose Keegan

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 3 - 4 Te Whānau Awahou o Te Uru Karaka (Bi-lingual)
Email: rose.keegan@newton.school.nz

‘A passionate teacher who relishes scientific inquiry and pursues creative innovation for all student learning.’

Adriana Edwards

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 5 - 6 Te Whānau Awahou o Te Uru Karaka (Bi-lingual)
Email: adriana.edwards@newton.school.nz

‘Mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. I am passionate about education and working in Te Aka Pukaea Maori Unit at Newton Central, has empowered me to develop collaborative, culturally responsive, student owned and engaged learning programs that align with Tikanga Māori values and beliefs.’

Te Uru Karaka

Erina Henare Aperahama

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 0 - 2, Te Whānau O Te Uru Karaka O Newton Central
Email: erina.ha@newton.school.nz

Patricia Atama-Tamati

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 3 - 4, Te Whānau O Te Uru Karaka O Newton Central
Email: patricia.atama-tamati@newton.school.nz

“Tōku reo tōku ohooho, tōku reo tōku māpihi maurea, tōku kahu whero…”
Whangaia te tamaiti ki te reo Māori me ōna tikanga hei oranga mutunga kore māna me ana uri whakatupu.

Pauline Pile

Position: Classroom Teacher Years 5 - 6 Te Whānau O Te Uru Karaka O Newton Central
Email: pauline@newton.school.nz

“Iti rearea, kahikatea ka taea.”
Ahakoa te aha whāia te pae tawhiti kia pae tata. 

Specialist Teachers / Kaiako

Kaiāwhina / Learning Assistants / Teacher Aid  / Support Staff

Bree London

Position: Kaiāwhina Auraki

Hapaitia te ara tika pumau ai te rangatirangatanga mo nga uri whakatipu

Ally Kemplen

Position: SENCO Suport, Kaiāwhina Auraki, NZEI Support Staff Site Representative, Student Advocate
Email: ally.kemplen@newton.school.nz

Helen Ngariki

Position: Kaiāwhina Auraki, Before and After School Care Manager (BASC)
Email: helen.ngariki@newton.school.nz

Helen is an ex-student, former Newton parent and long-time staff member at Newton Central. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her talents in art and music with the children, and finds joy in seeing them succeed.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” – John F. Kennedy

Michael Ngariki

Position: Kaiāwhina BASC - Before and After School Care, Newton Central Events and Social Media
Email: michaeln@newton.school.nz

“As a former student of Newton Central, I feel very honoured to be able to work in the same place that had taught me so much as a child. I thoroughly enjoy working at Newton because of its strong sense of community values and diverse environment, as well as being a part of each child’s journey throughout their time at Newton. Outside of school, I’m a former fashion model with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Advertising and Event Management, but finding working in a school environment my true calling.”

Angela Terei

Position: Kaiāwhina, Before and After School Care (BASC)

“Kia Orana koutou katoa, my love for Newton began when I was a student during the 80s-90s. My oldest daughter also attended and I plan on having my second child enrol when she turns five. I’ve been working here for 10 years now and still believe it’s the best little school in the world. Kia manuia koutou katoa”

Natasha Keating

Position: Kaiāwhina Te Whānau o Te Uru Karaka o Newton Central Kura
Email: natasha.keating@newton.school.nz

“Local resident, artist and mother of 2 ex pupils from both Te Uru Karaka and Te Awahou. I am passionate about Matauranga Māori and Te Reo Māori and love being a part of the growth and development of all our tamariki here at Newton Central.”

Raiha Thompson

Position: Kaiāwhina Auraki, Te Whānau o Te Uru Karaka o Newton Central Kura,
Email: raiha.thompson@newton.school.nz

“Parent of two students who have both gone through Te Uru Karaka. I enjoy working with students who are enthusiastic to learn alongside wonderful, supportive staff.”

Admin Staff / Support Staff

Maryanne Poi

Position: Administrator
Email: maryanne.poi@newton.school.nz

“Kia orana! I started working at Newton Central School in 1990 as a Kaiawhina and am now Office Manager. I have worked under 3 Principals. I really enjoy my job and am privileged to be working alongside enthusiastic staff, wonderful children and a great community.  My husband John attended Newton Central School and our four children also attended, and it’s a pleasure to see our grandchildren now attending.”

Julie McGrail

Position: Receptionist, Secretary
Email: julie.mcgrail@newton.school.nz

‘My name is Julie McGrail. I started working at Newton Central School when my two children started school as a teacher aid in 2006. I started my current role as receptionist in 2007.

I am your first point of contact at the school

I enjoy my job working with the staff, children and community.’

Ross Lay

Position: Property Manager, Grounds
Email: ross.lay@newton.school.nz

Long-time staff member, local resident & former Newton parent (x3). It’s not just what you do, but how & why you do it.

Piri Ngariki

Position: Cleaning Staff

“Kia Orana, I’ve been working at Newton Central for 39 years now, making me the longest staff member within the school community. I started back in 1979, having taken over the cleaning services as well as being a board of trustees member for several years. All three of my children have attended Newton when they were young, as well as my grandchildren. I find it a true blessing to work in such a family oriented environment, and have enjoyed watching the many changes our school has gone through in the past three decades.”

Eddie Sofele

Position: Cleaning Staff