Newton Central’s Repair Café Returns!

Saturday 31st July, 11.00am – 2.00pm at Newton Central School Office/Tari building

Share your skills at our Repair Café! width=

Repair Cafés are a neighbourhood initiative that promote repair as an alternative to tossing things out. Newton Central School will be holding a Repair Café where people can come and get their damaged and broken belongings fixed for free on the spot with the help of voluntary repairers.  The idea is to save items from going to landfill and keep much-loved possessions lasting much longer.

We are being supported by DEANZ (Doughnut Economics Advocates New Zealand who are working for social and environmental balance) and a grant from the Waitemata Local Board, but it will only work with the active participation of enthusiastic parents, grand-parents and others in the community. 

Do you love to fix things?

We need volunteer fixers!  Can you fix:

  • Small electrical appliances
  • Clothing – sewing and / or overlocking
  • Small items of furniture / wooden objects
  • Computers and laptops or diagnose what is wrong with them
  • Bicycles – servicing, tyre repair
  • Children toys – glueing, stitching, figuring out how they work
  • Small mechanical devices
  • Are you a general DIY fixer who would enjoy sharing your
    abilities with your community?

Are you a good organiser?

Repair Cafes are not much work to put together if you have a group of say eight people sharing the load.  DEANZ can share their knowledge and experience on how it is done and in no time Newton Central School’s Repair Cafe will be up and running.

If you can help and want to sign up as a volunteer, send an email to Rachel MacIntyre

See you soon at a Repair Café!

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