March is Walking School Bus Month


What are some of the benefits of a Walking School Bus?

  • Improves the fitness and health of families
  • Reduces the numbers of cars on the road
  • Reduces congestion around school gates
  • Helps children learn road sense skills
  • Good for the environment and reduces carbon footprint
  • Great social activity for Friends and Whanau
  • Connected communities

For kids

  • Children enjoy meeting up and talking to their friends.
  • They gain a sense of independence.
  • Friendships develop across different age groups.
  • They learn about road safety from a pedestrian’s perspective.
  • They develop a positive attitude towards walking.
  • Improve their overall health and decrease obesity levels.
  • Daily exercise can aid academic achievements, as it helps improve concentration, memory and learning.
  • Kids just love the fun, organised activities and resources.

For parents

  • Enjoy extra free time when you do not have to drop off or pick up your children every day.
  • Get to know the families in your neighbourhood.
  • Save on fuel costs.
  • Learn new skills from the optional workshops provided. All workshops have certificates suitable for a CV.
  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the school, your child and other children.
  • Take advantage of the routine exercise walking to school provides.
  • Help make your school safer by reducing the congestion around the school gate.

We are proud of the ongoing efforts and commitment of the whānau and tamariki of our Scanlon Avengers Walking School Bus. Some of last year’s highlights were:

  • being winners in the Winter Wizard promotion 
  • and the fantastic end of year party supporting local businesses – parkor (FUN!), pizza and kombucha (YUM!)

Let’s get more of our community on-board with the Walking School Bus kaupapa.

If you live in Eden Terrace/Kingsland and would like to join the Walking School Bus, contact Darren Wood – 

Where else do have the critical mass to start new WSB routes? Maybe we could get a Karangahape Road WSB off the ground. Contact for more info.