Lewis Eady Music Teachers 2023

Lessons at Newton are on Mondays for keyboard and Fridays  for guitar. Lessons are all held in our Room 17 office space, located near the Tari / Office building. 

Matua Marius

Marius Baldrey starts with Newton on Monday 20 February. If you would like your child to learn the keyboard at school enrol online at www.lewiseady.co.nz

You can read Maruis’s full bio : Click here



Matua Nick

Nick Marsh. returns to teach guitar at Newton for another year. We are very fortunate to have him return to teach our students. For more information about Nick, click here. If you would like your child to learn the guitar, enrol online at www.lewiseady.co.nz



For more information on our Lewis Tutors use this link –  https://www.lewiseady.co.nz/tutors .