Newton welcomes back the talented Lewis Eady music teachers.

Nicholas Tapsell joined Lewis Eady in 2020 and teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele at Lewis Eady Music School (Great South Road, Epsom). Nick brings substantial musical performance experience to his lessons.  Over the years he has been a member of the Auckland Youth Symphony Orchestra, Auckland Boys Choir and has volunteered for seven years at Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre for children. After completing his Bachelor of Science at Victoria University, Nick continues to keep music foremost in his life with composition, performance and music production.

Natsuki Nomichi joined Lewis Eady Music School in 2019 and teaches piano for us at Ponsonby Primary, Edendale, Balmoral and Newton Primary Schools. She holds a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Welfare from the Osaka Prefecture University in Japan where she learned about holistic education. She also holds a teaching license for high school and junior high school, and national certificate of social work, and has experience teaching social studies in a Japanese junior high school.

Natsuki believes the potential of music has a great effect on the learning of all subjects, and has many influences on personal growth and well-being. She encourages her students to not just play the piano according to the score, but also to understand the composition of the music, and that the piano is like a small orchestra which can help people to express their feelings. She believes that music is full of joy, enriches people’s lives, and is a universal language which connects people.

Natsuki has experience performing with Azumi Inoue, Sleep Walk Skeleton and with fellow Lewis Eady piano tutor Cam Taylor. She sings and plays various other musical instruments such as ukulele, soprano recorder, and tin whistle.

Nick and Natsuki will be teaching on Monday. A new schedule has been published at school.

If you would like your child to learn music at school but have not yet enrolled, please enrol online at www.lewiseady.co.nz