Who is welcome? ALL Newton Central School community members – parents and children

When? Monday 26th August, leaving in a convoy at 7.00am from Newton Central School. See plans below:

Why? The Newton Central School Community has a long bi-cultural history and a commitment to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We are sure that everyone is aware of the stalemate surrounding Ihumātao, but how many of us know the historical events that have led to this impasse?

As a tiriti based practice community, we are offering the opportunity for everyone to join the NCS staff in a haerenga (journey) to Ihumātao to learn about the struggles.  The purpose of the visit is not to take a side, but to show our empathy towards the current situation all parties find themselves in, and to use this opportunity as a provocation for us all to become further educated about the injustices that took place in the 1860s that ultimately led to the current impasse. As citizens of Tamaki-makarau it is important to know our local history and how it impacts present day society.  Your children will be studying this over the coming weeks and months and we invite you to join the journey with us.

How? Private Vehicles.  For those who do not have transport, meet us at Newton Central School at 7am and we’ll make sure you can join us.

Is This A School Activity? No this is a community activity.  You are responsible for your children’s behaviour and health and safety

Kawa – Protocols of visit to Te Ihu a Mataoho (Ihumatao)

7am – Travel from NCS to Ihumatao (parking availability Oruarangi/Ihumatao Rd)

8 – 8.15am – Assemble at gateway to noho whenua (area of occupation)

8.15 – 8.30am – Powhiri on to noho whenua

                       – Seated for mihimihi/whaikorero (speeches)

                       – Papa Des 1st speaker for Newton Central Community

                         (Song – He aha te hau

                       – Matua Wiremu 2nd speaker for Newton Central Community

                         (Song – Te Uru Karaka)

                       – Matua Riki 3rd speaker for Newton Central Community

                         (Song – Things to Remember – Huarahi Tika (Left Foot – Right Foot)

9am – Exchange greeting (hariru/hongi)

9 – 10.00am – Mix & mingle (whakawhanaungatanga)

10.30 NCS – Staff return to school for Teacher Only Day

Please be aware that the following is only a guide in regards to the Ihumatao visit. We will be taking a Koha (money gift donation) which will be presented during the powhiri/whakatau. Any food donations can be given prior to leaving simply by approaching or communicating with any of the noho whenua organisers. 

Lastly, subject to any change, the proposed powhiri may instead be a whakatau which is a shortened version of welcome. Nevertheless we will prepare in case of either. 


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