Garden Bird Survey 26 June – 4 July

NZ Garden Bird Tally Sheet

This year’s 2021 New Zealand Garden Bird Survey is our 15th year, and we are hoping it will be the biggest and best survey yet.  We’d love to know a whole new generation of citizen scientists is in the making. 

The New Zealand Garden Bird Survey is an annual citizen science project led by Manaaki Whenua –Landcare Research. Over nine days between 26 June and 4 July, people count the birds they see in their gardens, parks or school grounds. Here is a quick video for more information.  

Why the survey is important 

Garden birds are important to study as they act as an environmental indicator for the health of our ecosystems, so every sighting matters. If bird populations are growing, it means habitats are flourishing. If numbers are dropping, it means something may be wrong and we may need to take action to fix it. The information we gather from this survey helps inform conservation decisions and further research, not just in New Zealand but worldwide.  

Available on the NZ Garden Bird Survey website:  

  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Bird identification tips 
  • Other resources 

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If you have any talented photographers in the student body, they may be interested in taking part in the photo competition. 

Win a pair of binoculars 

The best photo submitted during the survey from any of our social media channels or via the website will win a pair of Nikon Prostaff 5 10×42 Binoculars valued at $398 sponsored by Photo and Video International/Nikon. 

Submit your photo on our Instagram, Facebook or NZ Garden Bird website page. Make sure you add the hashtag #NZGBSPhotoCompetition (T&Cs apply).