The school receives funding from the Ministry of Education based on the number of enrolments and the decile of the school. The lower the decile, the more government funding. The government tries to target its money to those areas where it believes more assistance is required. As Newton Central’s decile has steadily increased over the years, so the Ministry funding has been directed elsewhere. We ask families to help support the school firstly through their yearly donations and then through fundraising activities so that the following non, or partially, funded items can be provided: 

Additional Staff:

At Newton, we prioritise low pupil teacher ratios and the school spends over $100,000 each year on top of what is funded by the Ministry of Education to fund this commitment. This enables the school to hire additional help in literacy (reading recovery), teacher assistants (kaiāwhina) and student advocacy (behavioural and learning needs across all spectrums). This means that either help is on hand when your child needs it, or your child has more focussed time with their classroom teacher who can call on the assistance of others when children in the class need extra attention.

Access to Technology: 

Where appropriate the school’s staff and leaders want to enrich learning through pupil access to technology. The school receives just over $15,000 a year in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) funding but spends over $35,000 a year on computers, smartboards and support.

School Trips and Camps

Newton Central is strongly committed to ensuring all children have access and opportunities to participate in school trips, camps and noho marae (overnight experiences to assist pupils and their whānau to learn about and experience Marae tikanga/protocol). While we ask parents to pay for many of these trips, the school subsidises the costs for some families, and the costs for additional parents and supervisors to attend to ensure we comply with health and safety regulations. 

Senior School Camp: 

Every second year, our senior school pupils (Year 5 and 6) go to Carey Park in Henderson for a three night, four day camp. Exit interviews with students as they leave Newton Central often state that the Senior school camp was one of the most challenging and enjoyable events of their school life. To take 75 children with 10 adult caregivers away for a 3 night camp costs over $15,000. School camps are not funded by the Ministry of Education but by the families of children attending camp, your donations, and the school’s fundraising activities.


Each year the school spends around $4000 more than the funding provided by the Ministry of Education on library books and classroom readers. The books are constantly in use and regularly lost, damaged or not returned.


Playground Equipment:

The school gets property maintenance funding from the Ministry of Education but nothing specifically for playgrounds. The playground next to the bottom court was fully funded through parent donations and school fundraising activities (including Fia Fia day). Due to lack of funds we have been unable to upgrade the junior playground.

Newton Central School

In 2019, we would like to begin fundraising for a covered sports area that would benefit our entire community.  The costs are in excess of $200,000.  We can only realise this aspiration if everyone supports it.



Learning initiatives: 

Sometimes requests for money are to support classroom learning. In 2018, for Matariki, Te Aka Pūkāea students provided the whole school with food to taste based on traditional food.

Spending Periods

This is not a complete list but I hope it gives you a sense of where our annual donations and our fundraising contributions go. Hopefully it will increase your tolerance just a little for what sometimes seems like never-ending requests for money! You may not always be in a position to contribute, but whatever money you do give each year, it is spent that year or shortly after for the benefit of all our children.


Fia Fia Day – Every 2 years

School Production – Every 2 years (alternating with Fia Fia Day)

Art Exhibition – Yearly

Math / Spelling and / or Reading – ATHON (At least 1 per year)

Discos – 3 per year


In 2019 we are looking at initiating a Parent & Teachers Association(PTA), focussing on organising and supporting the school’s community and fundraising efforts.

Please note that parents are invited to two initial, 30 minute meetings on Thursday 28th March:

1.    At 8.30am in the Newton Central School Staffroom – for parents able to attend in the morning
2.    Repeated at 6.00pm in Room 2 (while the Pasifika Disco is on)

An initial draft of a PTA structure is linked here: Newton Central School PTA Website Version

Auditing & Financial Management

The accounts are reviewed regularly by the Board of Trustees, the annual financial statements are audited by RSM Hayes, and a copy is always kept in the reception area of the office for anyone to look at. The most recent audit information Audit 2017

Hire our Hangi Cooker!

Sport or Social Gathering? Hungry whānau to feed?  Fundraising for Community Groups?

Newton Central’s brand new super-duper hangi cooker is for hire.

Jumbo Cooker (will cook for up to 250 people)
$150.00 hirage and $150.00 bond.

Ring the office on 09 378 6883 to book