Reporting Student Achievement

Newton Central School


With the removal of National Standards at the beginning of the academic year, there have been many discussions in the education sector about what should replace them.  At Newton Central School we are excited about re-connecting with our NZ Curriculum , which was held in high regard globally as an innovative and holistic approach to teaching and learning, ultimately equipping students with the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing society.  Unfortunately, the introduction of National Standards narrowed our focus on reading, writing and mathematics and actually resulted in poorer achievement results compared to other countries around the world. 

A returned focus on our curriculum, will allow us to achieve the original vision of the National Curriculum – ensuring our students are: confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.  Of course, we will still be committed to ensuring the foundations of reading, writing and mathematics are strongly embedded into our curriculum, but we will be broadening our focus to encompass the NZ Curriculum Key Competencies of: 

    • Thinking 
    • Relating to others 
    • Using language, symbols and texts 
    • Managing self 
    • Participating and contributing

What will change?

The way we report to parents about student progress will change, beginning in 2018, allowing us to report more frequently to parents through: 

  • increased parent / teacher conferences, 
  • student led conferences (coming in 2019), encouraging our students to be more actively involved in their learning, goal setting and communicating their goals to their parents,
  • online access to student achievement in real time, outlining what progressions they’ve achieved at their age level, and what progressions they are currently working on. You can find more about on-line progressions reporting here.

We will no longer be providing written, hard-copy reports to families as information about your child’s progress will be provided on-line. 

Term 2, 2018 

Week 5: Parents receive log-in information into their LINC-ED portal to access information about their child’s reading and competency achievements. 

Week 9: Parent / Teacher / Student conferences.  School closes at 1.00pm on 27 & 28 June to allow 20 min conferences with teachers from 1.30pm – 7.00pm each evening. 

New entrants and Year 1 families have conferences at a different time to the rest of school – April for new entrants, and immediately after a Year Net is completed (Year 1s).

Term 3, 2018   

Term 3, 2018    

Week 10: Latest updates on student learning against NZ Curriculum progressions and Key Competency capabilities.  

Whānau / Caregivers / Parents will see:  

  • Student Goals – Reading / Pānui,
  • Student Goals – Maths/Number – Te Tau me te Taurangi,
  • Student Attitudinal Comments: Reading and Maths,
  • Student Key Competency – Thinking,
  • Attendance 

Term 4, 2018

Week 8:  Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 Hakihea / December 2018. School Closes 1pm for Tamariki-Whānau-Kaiako / Parent-Teacher-Student End of Year Conferences.  

Conferences start from 1.45pm and finish at 6.30pm. The conferences are 15 minutes per slot. Booking Conference slots via There is a code for all these event, that we share with you in our weekly newsletters. This event is now ‘live’ for bookings.

 Week 10:  End of Year updates posted on LINC-ED on student learning against NZ Curriculum progressions and Key CompetencY capabilities.  

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