Green Day! National day of support for principals – Friday 9th August

The teachers and support staff of Newton Central School are joining with their colleagues all over the country on Friday 9th August to call on the government to give primary and intermediate principals a fair deal. And we need your support as we stand up for our principal, and all principals.

Teachers recently won pay parity with their secondary colleagues – because a teacher is a teacher, regardless of the age of their students. But the government refused to give primary and intermediate principals parity with principals of comparably sized secondary schools, or any support for growing workloads. In small schools, principals are doing a complex job but often without any extra support and while teaching as well. And these principals are often paid less than some teachers in large schools.

We’re calling on the Government to do the right thing by principals. It’s only fair.

On Friday 9th August, we’ll be showing Matua Riki and principals all around Aotearoa our support by wearing green. Get your tamariki dressed up in as much green as possible and we’ll take a big green photo to send a clear message to our government that we value our tumuaki.  Please support the principals of Aotearoa, who do such a vital job leading the teaching and learning in our schools.  

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