Frida Kahlo – Painter

Once upon a time, in a bright blue house near Mexico City, lived a small girl called Frida. She would grow up to be a very famous painter, but she almost didn’t grow up at all.

When she was six, she nearly died from polio. The disease left her with a permanent limp, but that didn’t stop her from playing, swimming, and wrestling just like the other kids.

Then, when she was eighteen, she was involved in a terrible bus accident. She almost died again – and again she spent months in bed. Her mother made her a special easel so that she could paint while lying down, for more than anything else, Frida loved to paint… just like the children in Rūma 6!

As soon as she was able to walk again, she went to see Mexico’s most famous artist Diego Rivera. “Are my paintings any good?” she asked him. Her paintings were amazing: bold, bright and beautiful. He fell in love with them – and he fell in love with Frida.

Diego and Frida got married. He was a big man in a large floppy hat. She looked tiny beside him. People called them “the elephant and the dove.”

Frida painted hundreds of beautiful self-portraits during her life, often surrounded with the animals and birds that she kept. The bright blue house where she lived has been kept just as she left it, full of colour and joy and flowers.

How lucky was Rūma 6 to have Frida visit us at Newton Central School!

These are some of the questions that we asked:

How did you paint while you were lying down in bed?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite animal?

What did you have for breakfast?

Why did you visit us?

What have you got in your suitcase?

Is your leg still sore?