Student Online Reporting System



Student Management System – Linc-ed

Linc-ed was launched in 2018, a new reporting system which also is our school’s students’ management system.  Linc-ed allows teachers to share learning anytime, anywhere and viewed on any device. 

In 2020, LINC-ED released a major upgrade to their product, including a name change. LINC-ED’s flagship online sharing, reporting and billing platform is now known as ‘Hero’. 

The benefits to using Hero for you: 

  • The Hero app is available to be downloaded from the app store. No need for email.
  • School notices and communication will be accessed via community feed – push notifications will alert you to when there is a new message (if you choose to turn this on).
  • Hero is designed to reduce the number of places that parents need to check for information about school.
  • Parents have exactly the same login details and all accounts transfer from LINC-ED. Even if you visit the school’s old LINC-ED site you will be redirected to Hero.
  • Parents and caregivers can log in to their Hero app (even if they have students at multiple schools) and see all their learning stories; assessments; progress data; school notices; pay their school account online … all through one app.
  • There is a student app where teachers can post notices for their class or groups that your child is part of. 

The aim was to implement a robust system that allows teachers, parents, and students to access learning in an online environment that is concurrent with 21st Century learners, secure, easy, and effective. 

Linc-ed Student Online Reporting System

Both Māori and English medium programmes are reported to parents, as the tool aligns to both Te Marautanga o Aotearoa and New Zealand Curriculum progressions.

Parents are able to have continuous access to Linc-Ed and see updates of their child’s progress. 

For further information go to Reporting Students Achievement.